Sensor Assembly - Sensor Mounts

They essentially consist of two light alloy planes, and precisely:
- head support planes with anti-wear lip, in which the measuring heads are placed, equipped with easily inspectable stainless steel protection hoods.
The sensor unit is equipped with an anti-condensation system that is of fundamental importance for certain applications such as fluting and cardboard.
The bottom and top plates and hoods are exactly the same size.
All hardware is made of stainless steel; on the upper platen are the sensors for size detection.
On the upper and lower platens are the probes for controlling the upper and lower air temperature and the 3D sensor for measuring the relative XYZ position.
The distance between the heads can vary from 10-20 mm and they can assume a position of +/- 30 degrees with respect to the vertical axis of the bridge .

Basis Weight Sensor

Basis Weight Range180/350 gr/mq
Accuracy+/- 0,1 gr/mq
Repeatability+/- 0,1 gr/mq
Distance between measuring heads10 mm
Employed sourceKR85 200 mCi
Working temperature20°  -90°  C°
CompensationZ, Temperature

Radioactive Source Sensor

It consists of a circular container, part cast alloy and part chrome-plated brass.
Inside, the source is arranged in a special block made in such a way as to prevent it from escaping, even in the event of impact or mechanical accident or violent fire (melting limit temperature and no danger of contamination 1,300° C).
A source block shutter consisting of soft and hard layers of alloy material is provided, which ensures 95% interception of radioactive emissions in the closed state.
A second shutter consisting of a stable sample is inserted for self-calibration of sensitivity.
The control mechanism of the shutter is achieved by an electromagnet system, which guarantees perfect closing operation even in the event of a power failure. Two limit switches at the end of the source closing flag signal the open-closed status of the shutter.
The system still allows external intervention on the opening and closing mechanism of the source. The entire emitter assembly is thermostabilised and is normally adjusted to approximately +10°C of the temperature of the paper being measured. The collimator hole of the beam emitter is protected by a membrane, made of thin material, but of very high mechanical resistance.
A thermoregulated air jet ensures the cleaning of the protective membrane.
The connections are made with screw couplings, gold-plated contacts of MIL grade.
The housing is enclosed in a protective hood

Measurement Sensor

It consists of a circular housing, part cast alloy and part chrome-plated brass.
Inside is the ionisation chamber and microprocessor electronics for signal conversion with sigma/delta filter and CanBus communication. All electronic components are guaranteed up to a temperature of 125°. The receiving hole is protected by a membrane made of thin material with very high mechanical resistance.

A thermoregulated air jet ensures the cleaning of the protective membrane.
The entire unit is maintained at temperature by a sophisticated thermostabilisation system (+/- 1°C) and is normally adjusted to approximately (+10°C) relative to the temperature of the paper being measured.

Moisture Sensor

Measuring PrincipleLow Frequency
Measuring Range2-12% of absolute H2O
Accuracy+/- 0,1 absolute
Repeatability+/- 0,1 absolute
Working Temperatures20° - 90° C°
Measuring Principle

It utilises the property of water to absorb electromagnetic waves at certain frequencies. The dielectric generated by the moisture contained in the paper is measured at a fixed frequency. This value is then converted into an analogue signal with 24-bit resolution.

3D sensor

Power supply24 VDC
Measurement Range5-25
Repeatability+/- 10 micron
Accuracy+/- 10 micron
Sensor TypeMagnetic
Working Temperature20° -90° C°
Measuring Principle

It measures the magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet to provide the Z-indication of the position of the top and bottom plane.


Sensor Self-calibration

The sensors are equipped with an intelligent auto-calibration system that takes into account machine stops, start-ups, breakages and deviations from zero values to program calibration times.
The basis weight sensor is equipped with a sensitivity autocalibration system that uses a stable sample.

Computer System and Software

The computerised system is housed in a dedicated ip65 cabinet equipped with special housings for the computer monitor and printer. The system consists of :

  • Framework size, pulpit 1600x800x600
  • Computer PC HP 490 GR 30LT P5K13EA 17-6700
  • Monitor 19" Flat svga touch screen
  • A4 Laserjet printer
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Eurotronix Supervision Software (user licence)

Supervision Software

Beltro10 is an automation software for paper machines and provides :

  1. real-time information on current production (instant views, cross profiles, etc.);
  2. network storage of historical production data (averages, statistics and trends);
  3. signalling and storage of alarms for faults or abnormal measurement values;
  4. possibility of storing production codes (set points, corrections, adjustment parameters, etc.) for each type of card;
  5. Two controllers (advanced proportional) specifically designed and tested for adjustments on paper production machine times;
  6. full-colour printouts of all data supplied, either automatically or on request;

Through a friendly interface it is possible to access intuitively and quickly all programme pages for monitoring and intervention on the system.
The use of the Beltro10 software allows production to be considerably improved thanks to the real-time processing of the situation, the consequent rapid correction via the controllers and the availability of historical data for statistical and behavioural analyses.

Main system functions

- Measurement of weight, moisture, speed, calculated dryness.
- Scan time and profile detection 5sec/metre .
- Reading resolution 10mm .
- Sensor reading time less than a millisecond.
- Graphic presentation of values for weight, moisture, speed and calculated dryness.
- Graphic presentation of longitudinal trends in weight, moisture, speed and calculated dryness.
- Graphical presentation of transverse profiles of weight, moisture and calculated dryness 

Statistical presentation of the following production data:
  1. production number
  2. production code
  3. reel number
  4. reel time
  5. moisture set point , weight
  6. average values of weight , humidity and speed
  7. reel metres and production
  8. reel weight and total production weight
  9. average reel and production speed
  10. number of alarms per reel and production

- Automatic printouts of production reports as follows: Shift report ( tot. Production )
- Report of the day ( tot. Production )
- Report by reel
- Report per production
- Recording of historical production data (averages, statistics and trends) .
- Signalling and storage of alarms for faults or abnormal values of certain measurements .
- Printouts of all data supplied, either automatically or on request .
- Management software for system maintenance, configuration and diagnostics via LAN network .
- Transmission and archiving of production data via LAN .
- Interface and data exchange with dcs via OPC .
- Provision for output of moisture content profile values for adjusting CD profiles via LAN network, number of control points to be defined during installation
- Service system via internet with possibility of remote system management and calibration of measuring sensors .

Production Reports

The printing of reports can be automatic or manual and the management of printouts and reports is carried out using a dedicated utility that allows you to manage saved reports, enter any laboratory data

Archiving of historical production data The reel report presents the following data

  1. paper type
  2. shift number
  3. time
  4. date
  5. reel number
  6. moisture set point, weight
  7. average values of weight, moisture
  8. minimum and maximum reel weight, moisture dry weight
  9. 2sigma of weight, moisture and dry weight values
  10. reel alarms by weight moisture and breaks
  11. reel weight, reel linear metres
  12. graphical representation of longitudinal trends in weight, moisture, speed and calculated dry weight
  13. graphical representation of transverse trends in weight, moisture and calculated dryness
  14. 3d graphical representation of weight, moisture and calculated dryness
Production Report

The production report shows the list of reels produced for each order or manufacture. The values reported are as follows:

  1. paper type
  2. shift number
  3. time
  4. date
  5. reel number
  6. weight set point, moisture, speed, dryness
  7. average values for weight, moisture, speed, dryness
  8. minimum and maximum coil values for weight, moisture, speed
  9. 2sigma of the values for weight, moisture, speed
  10. reel alarms for weight, moisture, breakage and downtime
  11. reel weight, reel linear metres
Report della Giornata

Il report della giornata riporta per ogni turno, con totale giornaliero, i seguenti dati:

  1. produzione totale turno
  2. produzione totale giornata
  3. Numero e tempo di rotture per turno e totale giornata
  4. Numero e tempo di fermata per turno e totale giornata
  5. Numero e tempo degli allarmi di grammatura , umidità .

UCS scanner signals and sensors

The scanner is equipped with a UCS (Scanner Control Unit) module.
The module consists of an AD 24 Sigma/Delta converter, an analogue board for the measuring head power supplies and the temperature probe interface, and a power control board.

The software takes care of acquiring data, processing them according to algorithms developed by Eurotronix, linearising all values, generating profiles, and sending and receiving all data from the network. The self-diagnostic procedure continuously monitors all sensor values.

As the system is networked, all parameters as well as all data can be accessed either from the Beltro10 supervisor or from any terminal, even via the Internet if the network is connected.

Power Supply Unit and PLC

Power supply and PLC unit with dimensions 1800x800x600 consisting of:

  1. Eurotronix PLC 100 plc unit
  2. UCS power supply 12/24 vdc 6 A
  3. Services power supply unit 24 vdc 6 A
  4. Backup battery pack 220v 2 kw for the entire system
PLC 100
Power supply12/24 VDC
Analogue inputs8x12 bits 
(0-10v; 4-20mA)
Analogue outputs4x12 bits
(4-20 mA)
Digital inputs8x24 VDC
Digital outputs8x24 VDC

Open Bridge Translation System


The supporting structure consists of a stainless steel tubular guide. Translation is by means of a polyurethane belt reinforced with steel wires coupled to a gear motor.

The two trolleys are made of anodised aluminium with 6 nylon 6.6 double-bearing wheels per trolley. A high-slide closure belt closes the stainless steel fairing, which is pressurised to prevent dust deposits on the rail.
The C-shaped structure supports the sensors and the stainless steel box where the sensor supply modules are housed.

Scanner Motion

The movement of the scanner is controlled by an inverter driven by the Motion4 module.

Power supply220 vav single-phase 50-60 HZ
Power0,4 Kw - 0,5 Hp
Speed referenceexternal 0-10 vdc
Motion 4
Power supply12/24 VDC
Isolated analogue inputs2x12 bits
Isolated analogue outputs1x12 bits
Isolated digital inputs4x24 VDC - 2x24 VDC
Isolated digital outputs4x24 VDC - 3x24 VDC
Isolated Encoder InputA/B Channel 100Khz