Eurotronix moisture sensors are the only ones that provide an accurate and reliable measurement with a resolution of 20 mm in microwave technology. With a penetration range of over 30 mm, measurement through all layers is guaranteed even in thick products.

Thanks to its simple installation, this sensor can be installed either as a fixed point or in continuous scanning for profile representation. Requiring neither cooling liquids nor ventilation systems, measurement is guaranteed even in the harshest ambient humidity conditions. Communication with the software is ensured by an industrial CanBus network that is highly immune to interference.

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The Eurotronix moisture sensor is based on microwave technology. Thanks to advances in technology, we are now able to measure frequency absorption from a single side. This technique eliminates the bottom sensor and leads to simplified installation and greater accuracy in terms of stability and position than the old double-headed sensors. The high degree of reliability and insensitivity to colour and layer formation make this sensor the best solution for moisture measurement, which can be installed at all points of the paper machine.

Technical Data

MeasurementConveyed microwave
Resolution Step20mm
RangeMax 1500 H2O g/m2
Measurement Resolution0,3 H2O g/m2
Sensor Dimensions221 mm x 100 mm - Depth 91mm



Sensor power supply24 VDC
Sensor CommunicationCabBus
WorkstationHp 17
DCS CommunicationOpc Client

More Details

It is possible to install the sensor to scan the profile even in confined areas thanks to a compact design.

Eurotronix srl will supply the following components:

  • Drive + Mwave1 sensor
  • Servo drive Box
  • J-Box
  • PC QCS MwaveW10
  • CanBus and Motor Cable